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8 mistakes that make good employees leave

How conscious, continual and courageous leadership brings high-impact results


In a world of increased flux and uncertainty, today’s sense of normal continues to shift and slide to finds its place in our lives and work. Amid significant business changes, leaders need to dig deeper into their sense of courage, empathy, and trust.

Leadership practices can determine how teams feel, observe, and lean on in times of crisis and ambiguity. Your team will remember throughout this period how they were led. They will be concerned about the information coming through and that their leaders are committed to finding the best solutions for them.

Leadership must be conscious, continual, and courageous to lead through a crisis and bring people along graciously. By leading a team of raving fans, and supporting them to remain focused, you will see practices that contribute to team effectiveness productivity and collaboration. Here are eight ways for leading teams, virtual or not, for high impact.

Communicate clear, frequent messages

The Edelman Trust Barometer 2020 report highlighted 63% of respondents identified that they would believe information from their employer about the pandemic rather than trusted government websites or traditional media. A leader’s words and actions can help employees feel safe, support them to cope emotionally and put their experience into a context where they can draw meaning from it. Leaders must give people what they need when they need it, communicate clearly, and frequently, maintain transparency, and help people make sense of all that has happened.

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