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8 Simple, Brain-Healthy Habits To Work Into Your Quarantine Routine ASAP

By | Emily Laurence |

New year, same pandemic restrictions. While 2021 is trying to be somewhat better than 2020 (A vaccine! A new president!), life hasn’t really changed all that much yet for most folks due to the pandemic—and it can take a real toll on our physical, mental, and cognitive health.

As a brain expert, neurologist Faye Begeti, MD, Ph.D., has the (literal) inside knowledge of just how life in quarantine can affect cognitive health. To help people cope, she’s been sharing tips for looking after your brain health during COVID-19 on her Instagram. “You can do as many as you like but it’s important to note that, even if you are not managing to do any of these, that is perfectly okay,” Dr. Begeti shares along with her tips. “It is important that you are kind to yourself during this difficult time.⁣⁣⁣”

If you do want to add some brain-healthy habits to your quarantine routine, check out Dr. Begeti’s list below, along with details about how exactly they bolster cognitive function.

How to look after your brain health during COVID-19, straight from a neurologist

1. Get up and go to sleep at the same time each day

“Inside a tiny part in the center of the brain, about the size of a grain of rice, there is a group of cells called the suprachiasmatic nucleus. They form our master internal body clock,” Dr. Begeti says. The suprachiasmatic nucleus releases chemical messengers to make us alert or sleepy depending on the time of day, she explains. She says it’s important to sync with your internal clock by being consistent about your wake and sleep times, even on weekends or if you’re not commuting. If you work against it, you could feel your energy dragging when you’re still trying to get through the workday—because you’re fighting your body’s natural cues and rhythms.

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