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8 Steps to Creating an Effective Leadership Development Program

Develop your company's current and future leaders for maximum success

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If you’re seeking to create a high-performing organization, there are specific tasks you cannot ignore. Chief among those tasks is developing your company’s current and future leaders. The thought of designing and implementing a sustainable leadership development program can be harrowing. It’s clear that becoming a high-performing organization takes a great deal of time,  and practice. But by following these eight steps below, you’ll be setting up yourself and your team for maximum success:

1. Align leadership development training goals to top-level business goals

Are your leadership development program’s goals aligned with your vision of what your business will become? Reviewing your strategic priorities and determining what skills your leaders need to accomplish them is imperative to the sustainable success of the program.

Also, consider how, when successfully implemented, your new program will align with your culture. What, if anything, about your culture needs to change?

Having a clear, compelling vision of how the skills you are building in your leadership development program will support your company’s roadmap is necessary. Your executives and employees will expect visible links to your business.

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