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8 Strategies for Becoming a More Persuasive Leader

Every good leader needs to be able to influence and inspire their team


The ability to persuade and influence others is an essential trait for any innovator. A leader must be able to successfully motivate and inspire their team to rally together, implement a new idea or achieve a common goal.

So how can a leader build their influence? We asked a group of successful entrepreneurs for tips on developing the power of persuasion. Here are the strategies they recommend if you want to become more influential among your colleagues.

Look for common ground.

If you want something from someone, there has to be a clear benefit to that other person. That’s why Syed Balkhi, co-founder of WPBeginner, says it’s important to consider the link between what you want and what they need.

“It’s important to communicate openly and to really try and help the other party,” Balkhi says. “When you find common ground and mutual interests, it becomes easier to influence others.”

Listen before you talk.

Persuasion is not a one-way street, says Nathalie Lussier, CEO of AccessAlly. Instead of talking “at” people, you need to be a great listener first.

“By listening, a leader can better tailor their offer or product to their ideal clients,” explains Lussier. “Everyone wants to feel heard, and when they feel understood they’re more likely to come on board with your idea or project.”

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