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8 Things A Badass Self-Respecting Woman Should Do

By | Tina Navarro |

You are a WOMAN. You have to be aware of your worth. You have to know that you’re more than good enough…For him, for everyone and everything.

You have to realize that you deserve everything you have and everything you wish for. You deserve even more than that. You deserve the world and you shouldn’t settle for any less than that.

This is not pure feminist talk. It’s a fact. Women carry so many burdens. We have to take care of so many people in our lives and we are loaded with even more responsibilities and preoccupations.

That’s precisely what makes us so brave and strong. That’s why I’m so proud that I’m a woman and you should be too.

Know your self-worth and have faith in yourself. Show the world that you’re one badass self-respecting woman! Here are some things you should do.

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