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8 Things Companies Can Do to Thrive During the Great Resignation

By | Lorraine Guyagon |

The Great Resignation continues into 2022, with over 4 million Americans quitting their jobs for six consecutive months. Now the question is, how can leaders respond to this crisis effectively? How can businesses surmount this challenge and even thrive?

In this article, we outline 8 strategies to help your business grow and expand in the midst of the Big Quit. We offer insights into why employees resign, what businesses can do to improve retention, and how to navigate the changing landscape of the workplace.

1. Leverage Information

Solving a problem requires understanding it. In the case of The Great Resignation, employee interviews and surveys are a great resource. These will help you identify improvement points that can prevent the crisis from negatively impacting your business. 

For instance, you can perform “stay interviews” aimed at understanding what motivates an employee to stick to their current role. With this information, you can further strengthen what your employees perceive to be beneficial to their stay and thereby increase retention.

Conversely, you can perform and assess “exit interviews” to understand why past employees left. This way, you can address existing issues and prevent other employees from resigning.

2. Focus on Employee Experience

One of the best ways to retain top talent is to provide a great employee experience. Hence, it is important to invest in this endeavor during the great resignation. When employees feel heard and valued, they are more likely to stay longer with a company.

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