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8 things that impact your professional reputation more than working hard

By | Leah Thomas |

Working hard is important — this we can’t deny. But there are other aspects to your office persona that may be more influential in how people see you than hard work alone. Things like consistently being on time and having a positive attitude can help improve your professional image and make you a desirable employee, more so than simply staying late to work extra hours without being asked can.

While working hard can’t hurt your reputation, the following eight habits are what will help secure you a favorable name for yourself as a true professional.

1. Being on time

Timeliness is key when it comes to the way people view you in the office. Everyone is late every once in a while (and most of those of us in New York, we blame this on the subway!), but being on time at least most of the time is extremely important. It shows you care, are consistent, and that you are reliable.

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