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8 Things That Make Good Employees Quit Jobs!

Source | HR-One

You will be surprised to see how these simple, little things can snowball and make good people leave the job. If you spot any of these happening at your workplace, beware!

Too much work, always: Let’s admit it, nothing irks employees more than constant long hours at work. Just because someone is good, make sure you do not over burden them with all the extra work. If you really need to increase work load on your talented people, make sure you compensate it with appropriate raises, appreciations and more.

Delayed Appreciation: If you give them extra work today, with a tight timeline, make sure your appreciation flows on time too. Delayed recognition of hard work can demotivate even the best of the people, forcing them to look for better options.

Zero Flexibility: If your best people are putting in extra efforts, make sure you give them some relief in form of flexibility. Your good employees realize their responsibility well and will never let you down.

Missing Empathy: Be a boss and be a human. In many cases, good people leave just because the boss was not “human” enough. If you are not personally involved with your best people, it can damage their trust in you to a great extent.

No Commitments: If you expect your team to complete their work on time, make sure you complete your commitments on time too. Disregarding a commitment not only demotivates a good employee but also paints a disrespectful picture of the organization overall.

Favoritism: Good employees are smart enough to realize when they are being taken for a ride. If you pass all the work to them, and goodies to your other favorite people, be prepared to see them walk out of the door.

No Space for creativity: The most talented people seek to improve everything they get involved with. They are full of ideas and are willing to go that extra mile to make things around them, better. Do not cage their aspirations, appreciate their ideas and keep them involved.

Wrong Team: Good people prefer working with better people. If you tag them with an incompetent lot, they will lose their charm. Nothing frustrates them more than not being able to learn anything from their peer and bosses.

Good people are a valuable asset. If you wish that they stay longer with your organization, be careful about how you treat them. What other things do you think organizations can do to retain good folks?

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