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8 Time-Saving Hacks for Busy Recruiters

By | Samantha McLaren | Content Strategist by Day, Horror Critic by Night

For many recruiters, work has gone from zero to 60 in recent months. After a year characterized by hiring freezes and hesitancy across many industries, companies have suddenly ramped up hiring to such a degree that recruiters are in higher demand than software engineers. That’s good news for the profession, but it also means that you may be feeling run off your feet right now.

To help you put time back in your day, we asked two long-time recruiters to share the best productivity hacks they’ve picked up over their careers: Jessie Byron-Fields, senior marketing recruiter at DoorDash, and Allen Paisansiri, global talent acquisition partner at Asana. Here are their top tips for saving time, without sacrificing the quality of your work (and, in some cases, actually elevating it). 

1. Block off time for key tasks and eliminate distractions

According to Allen, the single most valuable efficiency hack he’s discovered over the years is blocking off chunks of time on his calendar to do essential work uninterrupted. Every week, he sets aside Focus Time, specific windows (usually one or two hours) dedicated to tasks like sourcing candidates and conducting screening calls. During these periods, he turns off his notifications to maintain his focus, knowing it will take him time to get back into the swing of things if someone pings him.

“I want to eliminate anything that would draw my attention away — especially while sourcing,” Allen says. “When you’re reading through a lot of profiles, it’s really easy to get distracted. I want to make sure that I’m utilizing my time wisely and reaching out to the right candidates with the right messaging.”

Allen also reserves time at the end of each week — what the Talent Agency founder Stacy Zapar calls the “Friday Feedback Blitz” — to send updates to candidates so that they never go into the weekend without hearing from the company. This is a time-saver for him, ensuring he can fire off all the emails he needs to send in no time, and can lead to further efficiencies down the line.

“Considering how hot the market is right now, candidates are not only looking at the role and compensation — they’re also evaluating the interview process,” Allen points out. “They’re thinking about how efficient this company is at setting up interviews. Are they timely at getting me feedback, updates, and next steps? It’s a big portion of candidate experience, which ultimately should help you with that closing process.”

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