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8 Tips to Sound Smarter and More Professional When You Speak

Make every word count

By | Ysabel Y. Yuzon |

The more people online take the power of speech for granted, the clearer it is that words do matter. Unfortunately, with all the variations of stress we deal with daily, it’s been getting harder and harder to express ourselves politely while still effectively saying what we mean.

To help avoid miscommunication at work—and in your personal life—here are a few tips to help you express your thoughts better:

1. Don’t be mema—think before you speak (and react!)

This sounds simple, but can be tricky when you’re engaged in spontaneous conversation. A few tips could be letting someone speak before you, or simply being honest and admitting that you need a few moments to gather your thoughts. 

You can also buy yourself some time (and maybe gain more insight) by asking a question first before speaking. Just make sure that you listen to other people, too, para hindi paulit-ulit.

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