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8 Ways New Tech is Changing How Music is Being Produced

By | Regina Thomas

Producing music has evolved substantially over the decades, from recording everything on tape to sequencing and sampling beats on a computer. Nowadays, we have virtual studios where artists can mix and edit songs with instruments or vocals from any part of the world. With the proliferation of self-contained devices such as iPads, iPhones, and iPods, many recording studios have turned their attention to making music more accessible. In addition to recording capabilities that allow artists to produce their music on a budget, numerous new technologies are helping them do so.

1. Multitrack Recording

While multitrack recording has been around for quite some time, the ability to record multiple tracks straight onto a device is a newer development. People can use a portable interface that plugs into an iPod, iPad, or iPhone, allowing the user to record multiple tracks while on the go. Once connected and selected within the device, eight inputs allow musicians to plug in instruments such as keyboards, drums, and guitars.

2. Digital Production Software

There is no need to be in a recording studio to produce music. While many still opt for the traditional format, some choose to record their music in their own home by utilizing digital production software that is easy to download onto computers and can be used on any laptop or desktop. In addition to free versions, numerous paid versions cater to all levels of users, making it easier than ever for aspiring producers and songwriters.

3. Virtual Instrument Libraries

Digital libraries, including thousands of instrumental samples to create compositions, are available online. These sound libraries come with high-quality samples and royalty-free licenses but can be expensive. Most people opt for the cheaper versions available in several price ranges. The libraries enable producers and songwriters to incorporate a full band within their recordings, allowing them to hear their music just as it would sound if recorded at a professional studio with a live band.

4. Music Distribution

It is an ever-changing industry that numerous technological advancements have impacted. In recent years, digital music distribution service has become much more accessible to all kinds of artists. From the recording studios to their home systems and even public systems such as radio, many artists can now reach a larger audience for their recordings. The future looks promising for the industry, as there are many options for musicians and producers to get their music heard.

5. Beat Sampling

Beat sampling has become a popular recording method that allows musicians to sample part of a song and use it in various ways. The feature is available on almost any musical software, but many artists opt to utilize it after the fact. Once they have their sample, they can experiment with different instruments and sounds until they are delighted.

6. Music Streaming Services

For many musicians, producing is a business and an art form. The internet has helped them market their art and distribute it. The providers of music streaming services are making it possible for artists to earn a substantial income from the royalties of their music. Artists can almost instantly upload their songs and be paid for them within a matter of months. While this sounds great to most musicians, there are questions about what happens in the future when computers replace people in the industry and virtually every song ever produced is available online.

7. Electronic Production

More and more producers are replacing the entire band with electronically produced music. While this is not an option for everyone, it does work well for some artists who want to produce a specific sound. It also enables some producers to recreate sounds from vintage recordings, allowing them to take people back in time for a certain period.

8. Music Videos

For some artists, music videos are becoming as important as recorded music. Most producers and songwriters create videos that complement their recordings, which can be used to promote the artist and their songs. There are many options for producing videos, which can be done quickly or on a budget, offering aspiring producers and songwriters an alternative to conventional methods.


All of the new technologies available to aspiring producers and songwriters are very helpful in allowing them to produce their music quickly. In addition, these developments have allowed people to explore not necessarily well-known music, allowing them to be discovered. As the advancements continue, the future of music will likely be much different than it is today.



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