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85 Things I learned being a CEO

Source | LinkedIn : By Sachin Gupta

  1. It is going to be an extremely hard job. No amount of preparation or education is going to prepare you for what it demands.
  2. You will feel like quitting at so many instances. Don’t, just persist.
  3. It’s a lonely job. There will be no one who you can tell everything about your work.
  4. Uncertainty is the hallmark of entrepreneurship. You have no guarantee that you will last a year, at times a month and sometimes even a week. Learn to embrace this uncertainty.
  5. You will wake up crying at times. Don’t fret about it, deal with it.
  6. If you are married, your spouse will play a very crucial role. They are going to be the only person who you can tell everything. They can give you the third-person view to take unbiased decisions. They are going to be your rock when you are the lowest.
  7. Being a CEO is all about transitioning from doing everything in the early days of the company to delegating everything as the company matures.

Key Responsibilities

  1. You are going to make a lot of decisions in the company. If you are overly careful in your decision making you will slow down the growth, if you are too impulsive you will end up taking the wrong decisions.
  2. Setting the vision and talking about it is your responsibility. You cannot crowd-source the vision from your team. You must listen to everyone but at the end you set the vision.
  3. You define the culture and most importantly you guard it. People will ultimately emulate what you do.
  4. As a founder-CEO it’s your number 1 duty to ensure that the company never runs out of money.
  5. CEO should always be involved in the product. You can go away from any other function but not product.
  6. The success of your organization depends on how well your team is equipped. No one comes knowing it all at the job, it’s your responsibility to ensure that you train everyone.

Decision Making

  1. You will never have the complete information that you need to make decisions. Your gut/hunch will play a big role in such situations.
  2. It may sound counter-intuitive but gut-thinking can be developed. Great founders take right decisions not because they have all the information but because they have vast amount of knowledge. That’s what constitutes the gut-thinking.
  3. You will be wrong more often than you will be right. The trick is to detect your mistakes early, learn from them and never repeat them.
  4. You must stand by the wrong decisions you make. People will respect you if you are willing to accept your mistakes.

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