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850+ Online Courses with Real College Credit that You Can Access for Free

By | Dhawal Shah |

Many universities offer online courses for credit. Class Central has already compiled 70+ MOOC-based master’s degrees. Many of the courses in these online degree programs are publicly available: anyone with an internet connection can take them.

Some of these courses are “freebies” meant to give prospective students a taste of what the full online degree would be like. Others, like edX’s MicroMasters, are essentially partial degree programs, equivalent to about one semester of university. And others, like Illinois’ iMBA and Georgia Tech’s OMSCS, are full degree programs that can be audited for free online.

The catch (yes, there’s a catch) is that in order to convert online coursework into university credit, you have to enroll in the corresponding university. And that usually means going through an admissions process and paying tuition.

That said, by making these courses free-to-audit, universities are giving online learners the same learning opportunities afforded to students taking the courses for credit.

At Class Central, we’re constantly updating our catalog of over 150K courses. Searching through our database, we were able to compile a list of more than 850 online courses that are part of a for-credit online program, but that you can also audit for free.

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