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86% of Indian workers feel sense of pride at work: Report

A survey has found that 86% of Indian employees feel pride at their workplace, while 84% have described it as fair and respectful. The Great Place To Work report surveyed over 4.5 million employees from 1,394 companies. The survey discovered that equal opportunities for staff could increase productivity and foster innovation. However, employees below 25 responded less positively, with those showing the least amount of pride and fairness compared to their older colleagues

Source | | ET Online

According to the Great Place To Work report, about 89 per cent of senior employees felt most positive of pride.

About 86 per cent of Indian employees responded positively to a sense of pride at the workplace in 2023, while 84 per cent of workers responded positively to fairness and respect for their workplaces, a new report has revealed.

The report surveyed over 45 lakh employees from 1,394 companies.

“When organisations pay fairly, treat fairly, and cultivate a better work environment, the overall experience improves exponentially.

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