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9 Computer Vision Trends That Will Dominate The Industry In 2021


With the onset of the pandemic, there was one thing that multiple industries adopted overnight – digital transformation. Rapid transformation that was to happen in 5 years took place within 6 months. The accelerated adoption will continue through 2021 in the areas of AI and intelligent industrial automation.

Video analytics powered by computer vision revolutionized risk mitigation & management, automated monitoring & security, and helped to achieve operational efficiency in industrial environments. Keeping the growth prospects in mind, amalgamation or advances of computer vision with different technologies will dominate the year 2021.

Here are top 9 Computer Vision trends that will dominate the Industry in 2021-

1. VISION for Safety: Ensuring Public and Workplace Safety

Workplaces across the globe are facing challenges presented by COVID-19, cultivating safe organizational culture is more important than ever. The US federal agency OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), requires that employers protect employees from workplace hazards that can cause any illness or injury. New safety protocols and new daily routines have been introduced for a better approach to safety programs.

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