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9 Great Employer Branding Examples to Inspire You in 2021

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Good employer branding examples come in many different shapes and sizes, and from different industries. As candidates increasingly look at what it’s really like to work at a company, your employer brand becomes more and more important. In this article, we’ll share 9 exceptional employer branding examples and what we like about them.

Employer brand vs. EVP
Tony’s Chocolonely
Marriott International
Wrapping up

Employer brand vs. EVP

Before we go to the employer branding examples, it’s good to quickly take a look at the terms employer brand, employee value proposition (EVP), and the difference between the two.

Put simply, your EVP is the promise you make as an employer to your employees in return for their commitment. It entails the sum of all the benefits and rewards employees receive from the organization they work for.

Your employer brand, on the other hand, is the face your company shows the outside world as a potential employer. It’s the sum of all the different things people think when someone asks them what it would be like to work for Company X or Y. 

In other words, your employee value proposition defines what employees get out of working for you while your employer brand tells other people (including candidates) about it. As such, the EVP is sometimes referred to as the ‘Why’ of an organization and your employer brand as the ‘How’ and ‘What’.

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In a time where candidates increasingly attach value to an organization’s reputation as an employer, both your EVP and employer brand are essential. Living up to your EVP – and keeping the promise you’ve made to your employees – will boost their engagement and trust in you as an employer. What’s more, it can turn your current employees into the best possible ambassadors for your employer brand and create great employer branding examples like the ones listed below.

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