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9 Habits Of Geniuses That Put Them Apart From The Crowd

Source | StoryPick : By Vinay Devnath

Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.’

– Stephen King

We may think that genius is something very special and not everyone has it, and the people who do have it are extremely special individuals. Yes, a lot of it has to do with genetics, but a lot of it has to do with the way these geniuses work too.

And their ways, quite understandably are different.

1. They look for the road less travelled


Not all problems have a direct solution, and geniuses are experts in finding an indirect solution to problems. This approach is almost always met with skepticism, even among their scholarly peers.

It is one of the most important qualities in true innovators.


2. They are unafraid, however, uncomfortable the way ahead is


There is a reason many of the past geniuses were considered as madmen. It may have been because they are socially awkward, but it was also because they spoke the truth, however in-your-face it is.

And because these people think differently, their versions of truths seem much more bitter. But the truth they speak is the whitest you will ever hear.

They also are fearless and take risks with faith in their honesty.


3. They teach themselves and don’t rely on anyone to be taught


The brains of geniuses are in a constant state of flux, as they are constantly whirring. And on top of this, geniuses are extremely curious. To satisfy their curiosity, they learn as much as they can – every day. If there isn’t a person to teach them a topic, they will learn it themselves.

If you look through the history books, most of the geniuses taught themselves a lot of what they knew. They didn’t wait for the knowledge to come to them, they went and grabbed it themselves.


4. They borrow from others and build on their work to make breakthroughs


Not everything is a breakthrough. One cannot just sit in a room and come up with something that is pathbreaking, even if that one is a genius.

Most of the geniuses had people helping them. They integrate knowledge from different fields and different people and come up with a piece of work truly genius. Many of them end up creating a whole new field in their application of work.

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