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9 in-demand side hustles that can be done from home—and how much they pay

By | Morgan Smith |

More Americans are turning to side hustles to boost their savings and financial security in the face of a looming recession. 

Some 40% of Americans are dabbling in a side hustle, up from one-third (34%) of Americans who had one in 2020, according to a May 2022 Zapier survey of 2,032 U.S. adults. 

While taking on a second job might seem intimidating or time-consuming, Zapier found that Americans spend an average of 13.4 hours each week on their side hustle — and 44% spend less than 10 hours a week working their extra gig. 

The rise of remote work over the past two-plus years has also created more opportunities for people to find flexible, high-paying side hustles they can do from home. 

To help people interested in pursuing a side hustle find the best remote opportunities, FlexJobs has identified 25 in-demand side hustles that can be done from home, based on thousands of listings in their database. These jobs have dozens of active listings and offer remote, part-time opportunities. 

Here are nine of the highest-paid, most in-demand side hustles that can be done from home, according to FlexJobs and salary data from Payscale

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