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9 Little Habits Successful People Don’t Waste Their Time On


It’s worth noting that success means different things to different people. Yet, despite this, there are some universal habits that will hold you back from whatever success looks like to you.

Maximizing your time and creating a happy, healthy environment isn’t as tricky as it seems – here are some all-too-common time-wasting behaviors that successful people let go of…

1. Checking Social Media

Endlessly, and mindlessly, scrolling through Facebook and Instagram wastes far more time than you’d imagine.

While this is a pretty normal habit these days, it’s not really making the most of your time.

It can be so easy to sit and look at other people’s lives and random videos, and it’s often pretty entertaining. In order to be successful, however, you should be using your time wisely and making sensible choices about when to work and when to play.

Whatever you want to do with your life, getting sucked into the virtual world of social media can pose a challenge.

You sit down for five minutes and find yourself still glued to your phone two hours later, three years deep into your ex’s new girlfriend’s Instagram. We’ve all been there.

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