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9 Signs You Are a Culturally Intelligent Person

By | Valerie Soleil, B.A., LL.B |

In this ever-changing world, culture continues to play a big part in understanding people. In order for you to be an understanding person, you need to be culturally aware as well as intelligent.

Here are some signs that you are culturally intelligent, or signs you should work towards to become so:

1. The individual is what is important, not labels they identify with.

It’s fine to use labels to describe a part of yourself, but no one person is limited to just “country”, “white”, or “Islamic”.

There is more to people than just these things and understanding this helps you to piece together a person.

2. What makes a person is influenced by any number of labels or traits.

These can include things like region they grew up in, their gender, sexual orientation, etc.

All of these labels will cause people to seek out others who associate under the same label as support – but that one label doesn’t make them, THEM.

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