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9 Stupid Rules That Drive Good Employees To Leave

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I’ll let you in on a little secret.

To keep great employees, all you really need to do is … stop creating stupid company rules, AND treat people like professionals!

Yep, sometimes it’s that simple.

A lot of companies, however, create rule-driven cultures that give executives and management a sense of control but crush creativity, enthusiasm and passion, and send the best employees packing.

Sure, you need rules. But you don’t need dumb rules.

How do you know what’s dumb?

Ask who it’s directed at?

If its aim is to control a few bad apples, but the entire company is made to suffer, it’s a dumb rule.

And then, of course, there are those holdover rules from the “Mad Men” era. Those are doozies, too!

Here are nine rules you need to seriously reconsider:

1) Strict Dress Code Policies

If you hire professionals, there’s no need for a formal strict dress code. Most adults are more than capable of dressing appropriately for work.

However, if someone does wear something questionable, the person’s manager needs to address the issue one-on-one immediately. You don’t need to drag the whole company through the wringer.

2) Dictator-Like Attendance Policies

This type of policy sends one message to your employees: “We don’t trust you!” And why would you hire someone you don’t trust?

Salaried professionals shouldn’t have their comings and goings hawked. They’re salaried which means you are paying them for their work, not the time they are sitting at their desk.

Chances are, if they leave early one day, they’ll stay late another day or worked on the weekend. Professionals know what they need to do to get their jobs done, and they do it.

If someone is consistently taking advantage of the company by not showing up, it’s extremely likely they’re failing in other aspects of their job too and need to be cut loose.

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