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9 Subtle Lies We All Tell Ourselves

Source | BrightSide

Nobody likes liars. When we are lied to, it hurts us really badly. We naturally feel betrayed and offended. But the truth is that we deceive ourselves every day, thus limiting ourselves from living the life we deserve and preventing our own success.

We at Bright Side have put together some of the most popular lies you might be telling yourself every day. We hope this list will help you understand how damaging this way of thinking can be.

1. I am a victim of my past

You’re not a victim of your past, but you’re a victim of your present because of your past. Of course, the actions that you took earlier define you. But obsessive patterns of former times and nonstop analyzing of what has already gone can lead to even more mistakes. Your past will haunt you if you let it.

  • Remember: dwelling on the past takes you away from the present.

2. I’m too old for that

You are never too old for anything.

  • Nelson Mandela was 76 years old when he became president.
  • Leonardo Da Vinci turned 51 the year he painted the Mona Lisa.
  • Colonel Sanders opened his first KFC franchise at the age of 61.

There are always people who accomplish significant achievements when all the odds are seemingly against them. As long as you doubt yourself and think that your time has already gone away, you tend to lose your self-confidence and ability to realize your potential.

  • Remember: you are never too old or too young to fulfill your calling.

3. Money doesn’t love me

Don’t doom yourself to failure from the beginning. Money shouldn’t be your primary goal. However, abandoning it altogether is also not an option. You deserve everything that you’re dreaming about.

  • Start small — let yourself dream of something bigger and better.

4. When I have …, then I will be happy

Happiness will not come when you reach your goal. Your sense of joy and satisfaction will be temporary and fleeting.

  • Try to feel happy without giving yourself unnecessary ultimatums.

5. I can do that later

This is probably the most popular lie that we tell ourselves. The problem is, we never know how much time we actually have. You may wake up one day and find you no longer have time for the things you’ve always wanted to do. No one knows what the future holds.

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