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9 Things Every Aspiring Leader Should Know

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It is universally understood that the road to success is paved with failure. And although all great leaders experience speed bumps, detours or head-on collisions, every leadership journey is unique and provides valuable lessons to pass on.

These nuggets of advice from nine members of Young Presidents’ Organization range from thoughts on hiring practices to self-empowerment, running fast to drinking beer. You might agree with some things and disagree with others, but it is always enlightening to hear from those who have gone into the fire and come out the other side.

1. Hiring is all about talent.

If you can’t delegate and let those people spread their wings, you can’t build a lasting organization and will be too stressed trying to push everything along while micromanaging. You have to let people make mistakes so they become better at what they do.

—Jason Robbins, CEO and president of ePromos Promotional Products

2. Discipline and consistency.

It’s the same stuff you need to succeed in business that allows you to win races; it’s only through hard work (and a bit of talent) that you can build the confidence needed on race day. The same applies to our professional lives—when we do our homework, when we are prepared, when we know we can offer a good service, that’s when we become successful.

Timothy Cosulich director and board member of Fratelli Cosulich and triathlon and Ironman competitor

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