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9 things only highly independent people will understand

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When we think of someone who is independent, we usually think of someone who can take care of themselves. 

But self-reliance is only one small part. 

Being independent is just as much about thinking for yourself as it is acting for yourself. 

If you are highly independent then you’ll probably relate to these things that go hand in hand with autonomy.

1. Your confidence grows along with your self-sufficiency

When a baby takes its first steps, they are tentative ones. 

It’s not so different with adults and independence. 

Those first few steps out into the world where we stand on our own two feet can be nerve-wracking. 

But with practice, your confidence grows, and along with it your self-esteem too. 

With every bold move you make you start to feel a bit more badass. 

In the words of Michelle Obama:

“Your success will be determined by your own confidence and fortitude”. 

Often we think of confidence as something we either have or don’t have. 

But actually, it’s like anything else — we learn it. With practice, you can grow your confidence. 

Learning to be self-sufficient and comfortable in your own skin is a huge confidence boost. 

Which is why it grows along with your independence. 

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