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9 Things To Avoid Saying To Your Boss

Source | Linkedin | Ruchi Jain | Senior Communications Strategist & Jerry at SPRD

The language and kind of words you use to interact with your boss matters! Whether you are lucky to have encountered the perfect employee-boss relationship or there’s no way you both can stand each other, it’s imperative to be cautious with what you say to your boss. 

Even if you work in a casual environment and have a warm cordial relationship with your manager, you need to find out different ways to tackle difficult situations. 

Here’s a list of nine phrases you should avoid saying to your boss:

1.    But that’s not a part of my KRA/ Job Description

There’s a lot of work, all the time. The result of good work is more work. Whether you are an entry level assistant or senior level executive, there’s work to tackle. It’s a Monday morning and your boss asks for your help. Rather than instantly pushing back, be a good sport and comply. 

You can instead say, “Can I let you know in sometime as I fear my project deadlines will be missed?” This sounds a lot better than directly saying that it does not fall in my job description.

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