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9 traits of a truly resilient person who can bounce back from anything

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It’s a universal truth that life throws curveballs. That we’ll all fall down every now and then. 

It’s also a universal truth that the right thing to do would be to rise back up every single time. 

Not all of us are born with a fighting spirit, but the good news is, we all have the capacity to develop it. 

So, how exactly do we do that? Let’s take a look at nine traits of resilient people who can bounce back from anything. 

1) They are flexible

If there’s one thing the pandemic taught us, it’s how to pivot and adapt. I know that many of us lost jobs and fell into a huge pit of depression, but there are also countless stories of folks who pivoted, adapted, and made the most out of the situation. 

It was truly inspiring to see the way we humans innovated to deal with the crisis. We came up with a ton of products and systems to help us bounce back, such as telemedicine, online classes, clever remote work hacks, and even cocktails to go! 

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