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9 Traits of the Most Grounded People in Your Life

Emotionally speaking, they may be the healthiest individuals you know


People rub off on each other. It’s why a smile on someone’s face can make you feel better, and why a co-worker’s negative attitude can ruin your day. In fact, the attitudes and behaviors of the people in your world are so influential that your best strategy for succeeding in life may be to remove complainers, drama magnets, braggarts, and the disingenuous from your circles.

A different kind of personality exists, however, which is a true blessing: The highly grounded individuals you know. Here’s why you need more of these people in your life, or, at the very least, why you should appreciate the ones you have.

1. They’re unshakeable.

In the midst of a crisis, you need people who can calmly get the right things done without panicking, exhibiting stress or otherwise losing their cool. A truly grounded person helps others by demonstrating that whatever happens is not the end of the world.

2. They’re reliable.

When it comes to co-workers, partners, and friends, things run smoother when people show up when and where they’re supposed to. They don’t make excuses for being late or underperforming, because that’s not the way they conduct themselves. Instead, they plan ahead so they’re able to meet their commitments on time and to specifications.

3. They possess an unwavering moral compass.

These are not the people who typically wake up regretting stupid things they did the night before. People with scruples make those around them see a higher standard.

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