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9 tricks to appear smarter in a meeting

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  1. Draw a Venn diagram. Whatever be the size of the circles, it always works.
  2. Step out for a phone call, saying “Sorry, I have to, have to take this.” You will be an instant hero.
  3. Take notes like there is no tomorrow, and nod your head vigorously, to every argument presented. Pro-Tip: Don’t know what to write? Just write the first word of every sentence you hear. It always fills the pages.
  4. Repeat the last thing which that super-achiever just said, but repeat it slowly. Say, “Let me just repeat that” and then repeat it slowly, One-word-at-a-time. Bingo! His excellence has been transferred to you now.
  5. Pace around the room, go to a corner, sigh deeply, and then think something. People will wonder, woo.. what the hell is happening in his mind.
  6. Disconnected from the presentation? No matter which slides the presenter is on, just ask him/her to go back a slide. Suddenly, you are inside the presentation.
  7. A special one for Startups: If its a startup, then no matter what is the idea or the theory, ask, “Will this scale?” This simple question will force everyone to notice you. And make you a super-knowledge provider of anything and everything.
  8. Smartly translate percentage into fractions. Like the presenter just said 25% of all visitors buy this product. You say, “You mean one out of four?”, and then quickly take a note. People will start respecting you more.
  9. Really not sure where the meeting is going as you were taking a power nap? No issues dear. Just say, “guys, guys, guys. Can we take a step back?” and then stop. After 3 seconds, say loudly, “Exactly what problem are we going to solve here?” And boom..! You are back into the picture and in a more respected manner.

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