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9 Warning Signs You’re Settling For Less In Your Career

By | Adunola Adeshola |

We’ve reached a moment in history where a record number of people are finding the courage to change careers, transition into new roles, and pursue new exciting opportunities. 

Yet, despite the shifts occurring in the workforce right now, there are high-achieving professionals still settling for less than they deserve in their careers, and many don’t even realize they’re making this mistake. If you’re not sure if you fall into this category of professionals, these phrases are a giveaway that you might be settling for less in your career:

“I can make this work.”

Typically, this is a positive and affirming statement to make, particularly when faced with challenges or setbacks. But, if you find yourself constantly saying this right before you apply to a job that you’re not too excited about, then you’re likely settling for less and preventing yourself from having a career that energizes and fulfills you. 

“Maybe this is the best I can do.”

At some point in a negotiation, it’s good to know when you’ve reached a mutually-beneficial compromise so that you can accept the terms and move forward. But, when you start negotiating with yourself, trying to convince yourself not to rock the boat despite how unhappy you are at work and in your career, then chances are it’s not the best that you can do, especially if you haven’t explored other options.

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