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9 Ways for CHROs to Attract Top Tech Talent

To excel at attracting critical technology talent, HR leaders must improve employment brand, job offer competitiveness and candidate experience

Source | | Jackie Wiles

“My CEO is constantly in my office asking me to fill our open technology roles as they are critical to our strategic plan,” says the chief human resources officer (CHRO) at one Fortune 500 company. And most HR leaders find themselves in a similar position today — whether they work in a technology company or not. 

There is a rampant demand for the critical tech talent that businesses need to drive digitalization, but some organizations are managing to excel at attracting this type of talent, and Gartner research shows they take a coordinated effort on several fronts.

Attracting technology talent isn’t an HR problem; it’s a business problem

“Attracting technology talent isn’t an HR problem; it’s a business problem. And you can’t leave the strategy or mechanics of attracting this talent segment to chance,” says James Atkinson, VP, Quantitative Analytics and Data Science at Gartner. “Companies with a high talent IQ in attracting this talent use a deliberate approach that is a point of competitive differentiation.”

Benchmark your ability to attract talent

The Gartner Talent IQ Index benchmarks those capabilities and the results reveal that a genius talent-attraction strategy is based on three key pillars:

  1. Employment branding: Leveraging marketing techniques to create a positive brand for potential candidates.
  2. Job offer competitiveness: Developing the most compelling and competitive job requisitions.
  3. Candidate experience: Delivering a positive overall job candidate experience.

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