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9 ways smart women choose to be happy

By | Louise Jackson |

Happiness often doesn’t feel much like a choice.

Especially when we constantly encounter things in daily life that threaten our peace of mind.

When your rent is due, your boss is on your back, and your love life is in tatters, simply “choosing” to be cheery doesn’t always feel possible.

But if you’re really clever about it, there are ways that happiness truly does become a choice.

Here’s how smart women choose to be happy…

1) Smart women focus on abundance in their life more than lack

We cannot wait for life to be perfect before we let ourselves be happy.

As much of an optimist as I am, the simple fact is it’s never going to happen. Life isn’t perfect, neither are we.

We can’t always control the hand we are dealt, but we can decide where we put our focus.

And that choice is a significant one when it comes to creating more happiness.

Focus on lack, and that’s what you’ll feel.

Focus on abundance and you start to experience deeper gratitude for all that you already have. Regardless of how much more you still want out of life.

Because it’s certainly not about “settling” for less. It’s about recognizing that what you have is never enough when you don’t feel appreciation for it.

Gratitude has been shown to be a powerful cultivator of greater wellbeing and happiness in our lives.

Research highlights that it helps us feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improves our health, helps us deal with adversity, and builds strong relationships.

Smart women make the most of what they’ve already got, simply by paying attention to it.

2) Smart women don’t get too wrapped up in themselves

Can I be honest?

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