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9 Ways that HR Technology can Drive Impact for the Business

Source | | Soumyasanto Sen

In today’s world, HR technology is no longer just a way to support HR processes, it’s so much more than that. It is, however, unfortunate that when we see our current HR technology investments and landscape, the value that it creates for the business and the workforce is often nominal. If we try to assess the current value that HR technologies offer, I think it is safe to say that a majority of us will agree that out of 10, it ranks less than 5 (for me it’s even lower than 4). In many situations, HR technology is focusing on HR, rather than the value it can deliver to the business and workforce. This begs the question; how can we drive greater value for the business and workforce with future HR technologies?

Throughout this blog I’ll discuss the top nine areas where HR technology can have the biggest impact and empower the business:


1. More employee experience enabled solutions

The concept of employee experience (EX) and EX initiatives are no longer considered ‘new’, but the question that arises is ‘how much value are these initiatives delivering to the employee?’ There is still a lot of room for improvement in regard to the experiences, moments that matter and adoption of platforms that exist in respect to HR technologies. In most cases, these EX initiatives are restricted to the employee journey, and miss the wider organisational journey experiences from culture and technology to the workplace. In many situations these initiatives do not span across all of the HR customer segments that exist from the candidates and managers, to executives and blue collar workers. Implementing a single tool will not fix EX. The employee experience goes far beyond one tool or one system. It needs to be a seamless experience across multiple platforms. Josh Bersin’s suggestion of an EX platform is an example of a solution that provides both value to the employee as well as other workforce segments. Going forward it’s imperative that we not only introduce more experience driven solutions, but that we ensure that we are integrating future HR technology to provide a seamless end to end experience.

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