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9 Ways to Lead Your Team Into an Unknowable Future

Now is the time to lead with purpose, empathy and hope to create a better future for your company

Source | | Angela Kambouris

The workplace is changed. As parts of the world begin to loosen coronavirus-related restrictions, organizations are emerging from COVID-induced hibernation. These transitions back to work are gradual. Uncertainty will remain for months as threats of renewed waves of coronavirus persist. We are anticipating a new normal — but what we need is a new now.

The radical change of these times demands empathic leadership to keep teams engaged, cohesive and forward-focused. Leaders must demonstrate a spirit of purpose and optimism to reinforce the idea that an uncertain  has the potential to be a better future. Here are nine steps for leading your  into an unknowable future.

1. Envision what success looks like and move toward it. 

In its recovery guide for organizations, Deloitte encourages leaders to imagine what post-recovery success looks like. Once you’ve clarified goals, reverse-engineer the next steps for quick and effective action. Envisioning what success entails frees up thinking about the present and can help teams identify quick wins.

As preparation for returning to work, leaders have an opportunity to review their ’s operating models, expectations, standards, values and strengths. Reflect on what worked well during the recent period of isolation and let teams decide what they need to start, stop or continue doing to achieve goals.

2. Embrace trust. 

“Trust is the glue of life,” says The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People author . “It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships.” 

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