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9 Ways You Make It Harder for Your Team to Get Stuff Done

Here's how you can improve your team's productivity

Source | | John Rampton

As a leader, one of your most important roles is to inspire and motivate your team members. It’s like being a coach: We won’t likely become as smooth as the legendary John Wooden, former head basketball coach at UCLA, but we can study the greats and try to become more like them. 

As a leader, you have to get better at calling the plays. You also need to be a mentor and instill life lessons to your young players. But, being a leader means being self-aware, admitting your shortcomings and, in this case, making leadership mistakes that are making it harder for your team to get things done.

It can be tough to realize that you may be making it harder for your team to complete tasks. Here are just nine examples of having the boss making it harder for the team to get stuff done.

1. Not helping them correct their time management problems.

What’s the top reason why we aren’t as productive as we would like to be? From my experience as a leader, it’s the struggle with time management.

I know what you’re thinking, though: Why is an employee’s time management problems your problem? If an individual can’t spend their time wisely, what’s it to do with you? Well, as my colleague John Hall explains, “it’s your responsibility to give your team a helping hand when this issue arises for them.” How can you assist your team members with their time management problems?

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