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A 7-Step Guide to Effective Leadership in HR

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Gone are the times when HR was restricted to recruitment, selection, training and development. Today human resource is a professional practice that goes way beyond conventional functions and encompasses all facets of corporate life. The information age HR professionals need to be proactive and innovative if they want to take their career to the next level. If you are an HR professional with a stagnated career, here are 7 practical tips that can really step up your career ladder in 2016:

1.    Deepen Your Expertise
Feeling stuck for ideas? Don’t know where to start? Not a problem. If your profile reads an HR generalist, start by exploring other areas of HR. You can do this by taking up special assignments in areas like appraisal, industrial relations, employee engagement, or payroll. If you have always been a part of a standardised HR procedure, it is time you go generic with your job role. Step out of your monotonous role and start exploring other areas in your organisation.

2.    Broaden Your Experience
Relocating to a new country by accepting an international assignment will make a major difference to your professional experience. You can also move from an MNC to a manufacturing unit to learn new HR tools and techniques. This career move will differentiate your profile and open up new opportunities for career advancements.

3.    Write Your Own HR Handbook
Nobody likes to read a thick HR book that includes random concepts, complex theories, and confusing employment laws. Take advantage of this. Compile a short, simple, and practical handbook that effectively addresses HR pain points and gives out practical tips for HR managers to improve their management skills. If your handbook contains doable tricks that can help hiring managers overcome workplace challenges and work efficiently, it is sure to become viral on the web. It will work like a powerful marketing tool that promotes your HR abilities and earn you credibility in the market.

4.    Credentialise Your Portfolio
Adding an HR certification like a PHR or an SPHR to your portfolio will bring knowledge and keep you in tune with the ever-advancing HR landscape and evolving operational trends. A certification adds value to your profile, gives you a competitive edge and improves your chances of promotion.

5.    Get Acquainted With Advanced Technology
A successful HR professional is always updated on the best industry practices and technology plays a vital role here. The new age HR professional knows what the future holds for human resources – An ATS. The applicant tracking system has permeated and practically taken over every HR function from start to finish. If you wish to stay ahead of the curve, switching to an ATS should be the first step. This intuitive tool automates everything from filtering candidates and scheduling interviews to hiring quality candidates and bringing them onboard. It can ease your administrative workload and save a lot of time by eliminating piles of paperwork.

6.    Start Your Own Blog
Follow a few influential HR blogs if needed and learn the tactics needed to build an expansive HR community. Use your blog to share your industry experience and insights. Communicate with influential figures from your industry and build connections. If you want to be perceived as an effective HR leader, expand your online network through your blog. Share webinars and videos on areas that you specialise or develop an informative white paper on trending HR tools and tactics.

7.    Expand Your Social Network
LinkedIn is the best place to get started with thought leadership. Use this powerful platform to connect with a thriving and intellectually stimulating staffing community. Use LinkedIn to communicate with like-minded people that belong to your industry and gradually build your own personal network. You can also be a guest lecturer at a local university and polish your presentation skills. This will also boost your confidence and give you the opportunity to showcase your industry knowledge.

Now that you know 7 surefire techniques to become an effective HR leader, go out and make things happen.

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