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Rugby For Rookies: A Beginner’s Guide To Rugby In The Tokyo Olympics

By | Lauren Cordell

Whether it’s the Tokyo Olympics or a local game, rugby will always satisfy your mind and soul as no other sport can. With rugby being a team sport that allows players to carry, kick or pass the ball, the thrill will surely hook you in and leave you wanting more. Likewise, since it’s also a competitive sport, it gives full play to the entire team’s abilities – pushing each to race through the opponents’ line to score.

Rugby is an unpredictable game of passion and action on the field. Thus, we’ve prepared and highlighted everything you may need as a new fan of the sport – highlighting rugby terms, scoring, and even its cousin in the most-awaited Tokyo Olympics:

Rugby Sevens

With the Tokyo Olympics on its way to amaze the world, you’ll need to learn about rugby sevens, a cousin, and a more streamlined version of traditional rugby. Traditional rugby is played with 15 members – but rugby sevens only have seven, with each member assisting each other to cover a full-sized playing field.

Compared to the traditional 40-minute halves with 15-minute halftimes, rugby sevens consists of two halves that are only seven minutes long and a two-minute halftime break. Likewise, it would also be logical if the penalty times are shorter for rugby sevens – consisting only of two minutes.

Playing Field

The playing field for rugby is most commonly known as the rugby pitch – with a width of 68m and a length of 112 until 122m. Likewise, the goal lines are located 100m apart, with each one containing a goal post that is 5.5m wide and 16m high.

For State of Origin fans, you’re probably used to seeing games at Stadium Australia – but with the onset of the pandemic, this wild and thrilling sport has been moved to the Mcdonald Jones Stadium, a multi-purpose location that has a capacity of 30,000. Although built during the 1970s, it still retains its legacy and splendor with its structure as it was made for Queen Elizabeth II.

On the other hand, nothing will beat the Summer Olympics (Tokyo Olympics) as it boasts the best stadium in Japan: the Tokyo Stadium. With this event in full swing, you’ll be seeing rugby make its comeback with thirst and excitement on the pitch – especially since it’s a multi-purpose field that will house up to 49 970 people.


For rookies in rugby, the sport can be intimidating and chaotic, especially with all the movements and collisions. However, rugby is a technical sport that also has its collection of organized laws and terms:


A maul happens when the player carrying the ball is detained by one or more rivals and one or more of the carrier’s teammates. The maul continues as all of the players involved are moving towards a goal line.


Like a jump-ball in basketball, a lineout will also look the same. Likewise, lineout will occur when both teams are lined up opposite each other, with one team tossing the ball down the middle of the tunnel.


A ruck occurs when one or more players from both teams are on their feet and in contact. Additionally, players are huddled together around the ball on the ground. Thus, when a ruck is formed, players can only use their feet when getting the ball.


For traditional rugby, a scrum is a competition for the possession of the ball against eight players who are bound and pushed against the other team. However, only three players will lock together when it comes to rugby sevens.


With the main objective being to score more than the opposing team, it’s only natural that each player will battle among the four ways to do it:


With five points on the line, scoring a try entails setting the ball to the ground in the opponent’s try zone or goal line. Doing so will give the team the right to attempt and try a conversion kick.

Penalty Kick

Whenever a team commits a penalty, the other team will have a chance to put three points on the board by kicking the ball through the posts. Additionally, the spot where the kick will occur will depend on where the opposing team committed the penalty.

Drop Goal

A dropped goal will occur when the player drops the ball on the ground during open play and then kicks it as it bounces. If it goes through the posts, the team will earn a score of three points.

Conversion Kick

Conversion kicks score two points, and this is taken from an area from where the player grounded the ball. Likewise, the player should kick the ball at a goal between both posts and above the crossbar.


With the coming of rugby sevens in the Olympics for another year, its inclusion will surely bring about a vast number of viewers and fans across the globe. Likewise, it will be an awaited event, especially as every team will prove to showcase power, passion, and ability – all amid seven minutes!


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