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A C-Suite boss on why employees must stay home to save Indian cities from disaster

In what could be a new talking point for India Inc. after Swiggy's moonlighting push, Zerodha's founder this time has made the case stronger for letting employees across the nation get the work-from-home option, not just for their benefit but for the larger good. This is a silver lining from Covid, Kamath believes

Source | | Gourab Das, ET Online

The glittery metro cities have for long attracted talents as an arena for the rat race to chase bigger dreams, but in turn the dense population has choked and made the megalopolitans vulnerable to disasters.

Delhi and Kolkata are now the two most polluted cities in the world, according to a report. Mumbai has its own sorry tales of water logging, sky-high rentals, traffic congestions and even terror threats. Bengaluru, the Silicon Valley of India, with its traffic congestion also faced a disaster this week when persistent rainfall forced several companies to declare work-from-home for staff.

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