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A CEO, CIO And CISO Walk Into A Bar…

Source | | Bob Zukis

The CEO of the Amazing Company says to the bartender, “I’ll have a glass of tequila.” The CIO steps up and says, “Hit me with a glass of ice.” Finally, the CISO adds, “You know what, I’ll have a glass of lime juice.” 

The bartender looks at them curiously as he sets their orders down on the bar. The CEO then looks at the three glasses and says, “You know what, it’s awfully hot out. Hottest it’s been in a long time. It sure would be nice to have a cold drink.” “Yeah it would indeed,” adds the CISO. 

The CIO, being a woman of action, then immediately grabs all three glasses. “Wait, use the pitcher,” says the CISO instinctively knowing what she’s up to, “so you don’t spill any.” The CIO then proceeds to pour all three glasses together in the pitcher, and then re-fills each glass.

“Wow, you guys sure know how to get things done,” says the CEO as he takes a drink. “Hey, that’s really good!” 

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