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<p>Saurabh Kumar, Head of Industrial Relations - Manesar Car Plant, Maruti Suzuki India</p>
Saurabh Kumar, Head of Industrial Relations – Manesar Car Plant, Maruti Suzuki India

Irrespective of the business one is in, the market in the past few years has become very competitive, especially with new players coming in. Needless to say, the time bound production and delivery of the product to the final customer is seen as the topmost priority and that is how it should be. Employees in any organization toil hard to cater to such requirements of the market and there is an imminent and continuous pressure on them to deliver, come what may. Nevertheless, the product is manufactured as per the market demand and the business continues to grow.Above is the way of life in today’s competitive scenario and companies are indeed flourishing. However, such business requirements, though being fulfilled, continuously pose a threat of the humane angle unknowingly taking a back seat and being compromised upon. There are great chances that dissatisfaction and resentment would slowly creep in amongst the ground level workforce and even greater chance that such deteriorating situation would unknowingly go unnoticed, especially as the targeted production figures are being ensured and market is being catered to. This has been the case with many of the prominent and flourishing industries worldwide.The biggest risk here is that human beings have their own limited gestational period of endurance without reflecting their emotions. This is…

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