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A counterintuitive way to drive the adoption of People Analytics software

By | Matthew Hamilton | Head of HR Strategy & People Analytics at Protective Life

When standing up a people analytics practice within a company, the human challenges generally tend to dwarf the technical challenges. Using data to drive decisions does not come naturally for a lot of HR practitioners, and for various reasons, business leaders are often skeptical to use people data to drive their decision-making and strategy.

As companies continue to increase their people analytics maturity, more of them will start to leverage advanced analytics platforms to deliver their insights at scale. Although many factors impact the overall success of a company’s adoption of people analytics as a practice, utilizing one’s people analytics platform to its fullest potential becomes is a big one.

Unfortunately, increasing the adoption of your people analytics platform is a perennial challenge, but is essential to do so for long-term value. People analytics leaders are often resourceful at trying many different things until they find what works, for their company, at that point in time. But no one approach works forever, so it’s a constant game of adjusting.

So here’s one idea to help drive adoption of your people analytics platform that might be a little counterintuitive: stop trying to motivate your users. You read that right. Just stop. And if you can’t stop completely, at least reduce how much you try to motivate users. Because honestly your time and energy is better spent focusing on something else.

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