A Day in the Life of a Teacher Using Technology

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It's Monday morning, another day and another fun week in the tech supported classroom.

Mrs. Apple (Psst! That's you!) Walks into her classroom, quickly turns on her laptop and reviews the daily news program and podcasts that the students will soon be watching. She then proceeds to check out the schools web community where there are some announcements and where her students have been busy overnight finishing their online activities.

She answers a few of their questions about an upcoming project and addresses a few concerns from a parent about their son's math marks. T he parent is traveling on business in the southern US but has been keeping an eye on her son's progress in the schools password protected virtual community.

A journal, a science quiz and a French crossword were assigned for homework. Mrs. Apple reviews marks and comments on the activities quickly and efficiently without shuffling a page. She smiles as she notices that the students' Space Glossary has grown to over 100 words. The morning news program will feature the return of the Space Shuttle so this may extract some additional space words. She reviews the latest entries and approves them to be posted on the website.

As the school day begins a student that loves working with technology enters early to set up the classroom projector, digital whiteboard and electronic tablet. He tests the equipment and the student response systems to make sure they will be ready for the days work. Meanwhile, the teacher loads several digital lessons, Power Points and websites that she will be using throughout the school day.

The students enter and participate in the schools opening exercises which are played over the schools multimedia system. The national anthem's words run across the bottom of the screen as pictures of their country's landscape and images for its history appear on the…

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