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A Gen Xer Who Secretly Works 3 Full-Time Remote Jobs and Makes $344,000 Paid Off His Mortgage and Is Saving to Send His Kids to College Debt-Free

He said he was doing only four to five hours a week of "actual work" at job No. 1, so taking on more work (and pay) felt easy


Key Takeaways

  • A 48-year-old began working three full-time remote jobs last year.

  • He said doubling his income had helped him pay his mortgage and save for his children’s education.

  • His work life can be stressful, but he said he’d figured out how to avoid suspicion.

This story originally appeared on Business Insider.

Joseph, a 48-year-old network engineer from Texas, never set out to work three full-time remote jobs at the same time.

But last year, he earned a combined $344,000 doing just that, according to documents viewed by Insider. While the stress is starting to take a toll on him, he said the extra income had made a huge difference for his family and that he planned to keep it up as long as he could. In August, for instance, the extra income helped him pay off the remaining $129,000 on his mortgage, according to a document viewed by Insider.

In early 2020, when Joseph had one job, which paid $117,500 a year, he accepted a new remote role in the IT field with a $120,000 salary. But before he was out the door, he said a colleague convinced him to stay and try to work both jobs at once.

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