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A Guide to Festival Gifting for Employees

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Given the importance of festivals in India, organizations have always tried to be a part of such celebrations for their employees. This has created a lot of focus on festival gifting by organizations. Traditionally, organizations used to gift items such as sweet boxes, dry fruit trays, snack baskets or even small appliances to their employees. These are increasingly being replaced by items such as chocolate boxes, gift vouchers and electronics. To help organizations navigate through this challenging process, we have a put together this guide to festival gifting for employees:

Why is Festival Gifting such a Challenge for Organizations?

Organizations find it challenging to manage the process of festival gifting due to various reasons:

1. Time Sensitivity
: Employees need to get the gifts in time for the festival.

2. Budget Constraints
: Budgets are usually tight in most organizations.

3. Need for Personalization
: Every employee have different preferences.

4. Ensuring Quality and Logistics
: Getting the right gift at the right time and right place is always going to be a challenge.

The gift preference of each employee is different depending on their age, gender, marital status, ethnicity, personality and a host of other personal factors. Hence it is a nightmare for the organization to come up with a scalable solution to festival gifting.

Smaller organizations find it difficult to identifynegotiate with vendors and manage the entire process due to the lack of enough volumes that vendors would typically look for.

Larger organizations are faced with the challenge of big numbers and geographical dispersion of their workforce. This is further complicated by the fact that today a significant chunk of employees of most organizations are working from home or from their hometowns which might be in remote areas.

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