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A Guide To Finding The Perfect College Apartment

By | Ramran

Congratulations on graduating from senior high school! Now you’re off to another season in your life – one that is, in itself, an adventure. Welcome to college! It’s that period in your life where you’re not quite a young teen anymore, but a young adult getting the first taste of independence and responsibilities. College is always a great time, particularly when you know you’re headed someplace else, to obtain your education.

But, before all the fun and social life and college parties come very important decisions to make. One has to do with the chosen school itself. And the other, your apartment. Looking for an apartment with great amenities, check out apartments for rent in Albany.

Because you’re going to be studying away from home, it’s most likely the case that you’re going to lie in a college apartment. Here you’ll have the first taste of adulthood – from paying the bills to apartment repairs, maintenance, and perhaps even your food as well. Depending on where you’re headed off to, you can also be sure that there’ll be an overwhelming supply of college apartments for you to choose from. While it all boils down to preference, it also pays to know some of the uniform guidelines that can help lead you to the right college apartment for you.

The sheer number of places to choose from can often make the decision a tad bit more confusing. To help you out, here are some tips that’ll come in handy:

College Accomodation

  1. Start Shopping Around Early

Your choice of a college apartment is a major decision to make. So, this isn’t just something for you to decide on haphazardly. Moreover, if you decide at the last minute, you might lose the chance of better options that other students now have gotten first before you did.

As soon as you’ve decided on your college to go to, that’s also a good time for you to start choosing the accommodation as well. That way, you won’t be pressured by time to immediately sign up for the very first ones you come across.

Starting early can also give you ample time to weigh the pros and cons of each option, along with the specific requirements you’re looking for in a college apartment.

If you’re unable to visit the physical location yet, particularly when you’re going to college overseas, you can go through virtual tours and carefully browse through photos and videos through their websites, such as the facilities on

  1. Ask About the Price

Before anything else, the price will always be that top consideration for narrowing down all your options. If you’re like most college students, it’ll most likely be the case that your parents will only pay for a portion of your apartment. Eventually, you too will be taking in a university part-time job to help cover your cost-of-living arrangements.

Hence, it’s very important to ask about the price right on from the get-go. If you know the price is something you just won’t be able to afford, then force it. There are so many college apartments to choose from, and there’s certainly one that’ll cater to your budget.

As you ask about the rental price, don’t forget to ask about the inclusions. Different landlords will have their respective policies. For instance, some already include utilities as a part of the monthly payments, while others let you pay the utilities on your own.

  1. Get Help

Don’t go through the viewing and searching process with you. It’s always nice to have help from others who can give you a balanced opinion on the pros and cons of each option you might have. This can be anyone, in general. Think, your parents, or even your friends who are off to college in the same area as well.

Because of all the emotions that you may be feeling, it’s so easy to get all caught up in your feelings that you’re unable to think rationally. When someone is there assisting you, you can make a better choice. Plus, this support system may even be able to help you haggle through the price.

  1. Ask the Extras, Such as Pets

To those of you who are pet owners, this one’s for you. While it’s often the case that you may have to leave your fur babies behind when you’re off to college, this doesn’t always have to be that way. Depending on where you’re staying, you might even be able to find a college apartment that allows pets.

So, if you’ve got a pet baby yourself, don’t be shy about asking this. You may also want to take it one step further by asking about how much it’ll cost as an add-on charge if you’ll be bringing in a pet with you, and what are the rules must be followed.

If you can find one that allows you to bring your beloved four-legged friend, that can even help your transition through homesickness better. At least you’ve got one member of the family with you, that’ll help make your college apartment feel more like home.

  1. Get Recommendations

If you have friends and relatives that have also gone off to college where you’re headed, you can also ask them for recommendations of possible college apartments.

The good thing about asking for their honest feedback and recommendation is that you can take their word and honesty for it. Theirs is all about their first-hand experience. So, if they’re not pleased with a specific accommodation, you know that there’s no way for them to recommend it to you.

Asking around for honest recommendations is a good way to start, particularly when you don’t even know where to start looking.

Plus, who knows, you might even live in the same building or vicinity as these family and friends dear to you.

  1. Study the Requirements

Typically, most landlords will have almost the same set of requirements for you to close the deal as the tenant. Generally, you’ll be applying for a rent of a year, and then renew yearly until you finish college.

There are basic documents you’ll need like proof of your identity, enrollment records, health check, and police check clearance, among others.

Then, there’s also the financial requirements like a security deposit equivalent to one month’s rent, and also a one-month advance deposit. So, you also need to ensure that you’ve got enough money to cover this initial requirement.

  1. Ask About the Amenities

This section on the amenities is also very important. While these are only extras, they’re also nice to have to help make your stay in your college apartment more comfortable.

These amenities will surely differ based on the landlord and also the price that you’re paying for. Generally, the more expensive the college apartment will be, the more amenities you’ll get to have. But this is only a general rule. If you’re really lucky, you can still find so many generous landlords that have so many amenities attached to the rent, in spite of a lower price.

Some of the questions you may want to ask surrounding the amenities are:

  • Does the apartment have a working HVAC system?
  • Is there covered parking available? Is this for free or does it come by request, at an additional cost?
  • Is WiFi included in the rent?
  • Is there a washing or drying area? Or does each tenant have to purchase and install their own?
  • Are there other amenities like a study area and a gym?
  1. Double Check the Location

As to this seventh tip, double-checking the location doesn’t just mean the address of the college apartment per se. Of course, it’s a given that you’ll most likely end up choosing a college apartment that’s in very close proximity to your school.

In the instances when you may have to walk or commute a farther distance, take the time to go through the location. Walk around the area both during the day and during the night. Do this again on weekdays, and also on weekends. That way, you’d have a feel of what the location is like.

Perhaps that area where the college apartment you’re keen on renting doesn’t have a very pleasing local reputation? Is the crime rate high, for example?

All other factors considered, you’ve got to be very particular about the safety of the location especially when you’ll be living alone. You wouldn’t want to fall victim to a crime, particularly during those busy days in college, doing college research, essays, and other requirements in the library, for instance, where you may come home late.

  1. Figure Out Your Needs and Preferences

College apartments also come in different types. For instance, you can have a studio apartment, one-bedroom, or even a shared two-bedroom apartment. You can narrow down your options for college apartments by taking into account your needs and preferences.

For instance, if you’re the type who prefers to be alone, then a studio apartment will do. Especially when you won’t be doing much cooking and entertaining, there’s no need to have a separate bedroom from the living area. This is one way to save on the cost tremendously.

But, if you’re going to college with a group of friends and you’re keen on living together, then a two-bedroom apartment will be a better and cheaper option. That way, you can divide not just the rent but even the cost of other utilities like water and electricity.

  1. Walk Through the Overall Condition

While you’ll want to be very cautious about your budget, this also doesn’t mean that you’ve got to skimp on the quality of the university apartment. When you’ll be living alone, the quality should always be a higher deciding factor than that of the size. The last thing that you’ll want is to be living in an apartment where the water pressure dies regularly, or that it seems as if the ceiling will break any minute.

It’s very important for you to be thorough about this process, and never to rush things. Take the time to walk through the apartment and go through each room you’re potentially choosing from. Then, as you go through this process, you may want to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is there a window to let natural light and fresh air come in regularly? Otherwise, the electricity bill will be so high.
  • Are there neighbors surrounding the area? If so, do they seem friendly? Or is there something or anyone that speaks to you as a red flag? Surely, you wouldn’t want to be a young college student with criminals as your neighbors.
  • Are the locks in the doors working properly? If they’re broken, can they still be repaired without compromising on safety?
  • Is the landlord-friendly? Or do they seem off or sketchy to you? Remember that you’ll be dealing with the landlord regularly for monthly payments and any issues you may have such as maintenance. It’d be a pain in the neck to have a landlord that’s just bottom line snotty.
  • Do the toilet and the faucets work properly? And as to plumbing, is the water pressure just fine?
  1. Review the Lease Contract

Reviewing contracts is another part of adulthood you’re going to have to get used to from this point forward. Your college apartment’s lease contract is only the first of many that you’ll undertake and sign in your life.

When your landlord presents you with your contract, take the time to sit down and review this thoroughly. If there’s anything you’re unsure of, seek the help of elders, particularly your parents. If you’ve got any questions about the contract, bring it to the table right away.

That way, before you’re bound by your signature to the lease contract, you’re aware of every single detail surrounding it.


While there are typically a ton of things to consider when choosing a college apartment, this list of tips is a great place to start. You can significantly narrow down your options and hopefully lead directly to the one for you. College is a period in your life of so many adjustments, but these don’t always have to be challenging. You can start by making sure that you’re comfortable where you’re staying. After long challenging days of learning, it’s always nice to know you’ve got a happy place to retreat to – your own little home away from home.

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