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A Guide to .NET E-Commerce Platforms for Entrepreneurs

By | Bailey Merton

Online businesses, commonly known as e-commerce, are very common these days. Numerous platforms are helping young entrepreneurs to launch and operate online businesses. One of them is a .NET e-commerce platform that is equipped with different tools and capabilities to manage and market online businesses.

So, what exactly is a .NET e-commerce platform? This is a platform-based ASP.NET programming architecture to help e-commerce businesses thrive online. Since it is open programming, numerous developers have come up with different platforms that you can choose from.

If you are here, then it means that you are interested in ASP.NET e-commerce platforms. So, read this guide to make the right decisions.

Features to Look for in a .NET E-commerce Platform

A reliable .NET e-commerce platform such as Virto Commerce and others mentioned in this article should have hands-on features to take your business to the next level. Here are the vital features to check:

  • Multistore integration – Of course, having multistore capability will help you sell more. An excellent .NET e-commerce platform should connect you to different popular stores like Alibaba and Amazon to sell more.
  • Customization tools – Every entrepreneur wants to customize their business to look unique and stand out. They enable you to design a unique store or customize your website with new themes, colors, and even put a logo. These tools also enable product description and the addition of marketing information on your webshop.
  • Marketing features – What is an online business without marketing and promotions? An excellent .NET e-commerce platform is equipped with SEO, social media, digital ads, and other digital marketing integration. This will help you take your business to the next level in an easy way.
  • Pricing and payment processing features – Since prices of products keep on changing, you need a responsive engine to help you update your e-commerce store in real-time. Likewise, you need a .NET e-commerce platform that will help you process the payment of goods appropriately.

The Best .NET E-Commerce Platforms

Based on the above features, it is easy to choose a reliable .NET e-commerce platform. But if you are not sure, here are three examples of the best platforms;

  • Virto Commerce – This is a perfect example of a platform with the above features. The platform is equipped with feature to scale your online business within no time. These include multistore, multivendor, multicurrency support, and marketing features among others. They have a free version that you can take advantage of.
  • NopCommerce – This open-source platform competes with Virto Commerce is managing e-commerce business excellently. Likewise, it has multistore, multilingual, and multicurrency features to scale up your business. Lastly, it is free.
  • Umbraco – This is a premium paid .NET e-commerce platform with a free version as well. Payment comes with numerous features including multistore and CMS features. Whenever you want more information, there is an online community to help you.


You must consider a reliable .NET e-commerce platform for your online business. Since there are free platforms, there is nothing to stop you from scaling your business up. If you can, the premium features will offer even more benefits.

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