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A Guide to Preparing to go Back to the Office Since COVID

By | Rayanne Morriss

Going back to the office now that COVID-19 is ending may seem a monumental task with the time you spent inside over the past year. Still, it is time to prepare yourself for going back to the office, and there are a few things to ensure you know and have done before you head back to work. With the near end of this horrible, dangerous pandemic, you need to ensure that you and your loved ones are safe enough once you get life back to something closer to normal. First, you need to vaccinate yourself, then you should consider using an air purifier at work, and you should not be afraid to keep wearing a mask.

First and Foremost, Vaccinate Yourself

It is getting safe to go back to the office again, but you may still have lingering concerns. The answer is to vaccinate yourself because you cut most any chance of catching COVID by going to the office with the vaccine. The only reason people are going back to the office in the first place is because of the prevalence of the vaccine. If you have not yet vaccinated yourself, then you must ensure that you are before you begin getting comfortable back at your desk.

You need to know that it is unsafe to go back to the office without getting vaccinated. It would help if you vaccinated yourself because you end the chance of catching COVID that becomes severe. The vaccines are safe and effective, and even if you become one of the few that end up with COVID still, it will not be a severe case of the disease. You will be safe at the office only if you get the vaccine.

Consider Getting an Air Filter To Neutralize Germs Going Around the Office

If you have a way, consider getting a commercial air filter to get rid of any germs that will make their way around the office now that people are going back there. Beyond COVID, at least forty-five million buildings in the United States have unhealthy mold levels in them. An air purifier can help prevent dangerous conditions that come from mold spores and other germs. The best way to combat these issues for your place of business may be an air purifier. Getting back to the office does not need to mean a return to getting sick.

Do Not Be Afraid to Still Wear a Mask if You Must

There is still some consideration that needs to happen if there are vulnerable people in your life. You should consider wearing a mask at the office if you are around children because they cannot get the vaccine yet. Another example of when to consider wearing a mask at the office is people who need to go to or are in healthcare facilities. While you may be safe enough to go back to the office, it is vital to remember those still at risk from this horrible virus.

One thing that is still paramount, you can keep wearing a mask if you feel uncomfortable going without one still. Continuing to cover your face is about your comfort levels because you do not need to feel scared if you do not have to. Take a deep breath and put on a mask despite the peer pressure of the crowds you will see without one. Wearing a mask may seem silly to the people around you. However, you need to stay within yourself and not push the issue if you feel uncomfortable without one.


You must ensure that you are safe when you return to the office post-COVID. Giving it a little thought and using this guidance can help ensure that you feel secure in your return to the office. It will help most of all if you vaccinate yourself, then you should consider using an air filter at the office, and you should never be afraid to wear a mask if you feel the need to still. COVID-19 was a generational pandemic, abnormal in every sense. It makes sense to take a moment and sort out what you should do to ensure a safe return to the office in its aftermath.

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