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A Guide to Showing Appreciation for Your Business Employees

By | Rayanne Morriss

If you want to build and maintain the strongest workforce possible as a manager, you shouldn’t forget to show your staff how much you value their contributions. You can boost the productivity and morale in your workplace if you make the extra effort to show appreciation for your business employees, and you can do so in some of the following ways.

Allow Everyone to Share Their Input

Whether you’re in formal business meetings, smaller group chat sessions or one-on-one consultations, you should give each employee the chance to express themselves. All concerns, feedback and suggestions your employees might share should be listened to carefully and taken seriously. It’s also important to answer your employees’ questions with detailed answers and be sure that the information that’s relayed back to them is understood. You should definitely make a point to listen to employees who are in entry-level or other lower-level positions, as people who work these jobs often feel as though they’re not being listened to or taken seriously by management.

Start an Employee of the Month Program

You might think that an employee of the month program is a thing of the past, but many businesses still have these programs to show their appreciation for staff members who excel in their positions and encourage other employees to work harder and perform their best. For each employee of the month, you may choose to feature their name and image on signs around your business or in newsletters or other business publications to let people know about their accomplishment. An additional bonus payment or other incentives may also be awarded to the winning employee. When you’re starting your employee of the month program, you should clearly specify the rules to your staff members and whether or not you’re allowing part-time staff members or contract employees to participate.

Offer Gifts

Everyone loves getting presents, and you can choose to give gifts to top-performing employees or all your staff members as a general show of appreciation. Personal massagers, footrests and heating pads are among the best gift ideas, and these items may also be useful for your employees while they’re on the job. You will want to find custom ipad cases which also make great gifts. Thermoses, reusable water bottles and food containers can make bringing food and drinks to work easier for your employees. You may even choose to pay money to enroll employees in subscription programs that deliver snack boxes or other thoughtful gifts each month.

Try to Promote Instead of Hiring New Staff

You should try as much as possible to offer your staff members higher positions in your company that pay more and have more responsibilities instead of hiring new employees to fill these positions. If you have a habit of only hiring people from outside the company to fill your higher positions, many of your employees could feel as though they’re working dead-end jobs with no room for advancement. Some of your staff members might also feel inclined to resign and look for work elsewhere if they believe that they’ll never hold management or other top-level positions in your company.

Award Bonus Payments

If your business budget allows, you should be willing to award bonus payments to employees who meet certain goals or exceed expectations on the job. Businesses often pay year-end bonuses around the Christmas season, but you can set your own bonus pay schedule and either pay out once annually or throughout different periods of the year. You can also choose to pay a predetermined amount or a percentage of each employee’s salary. In addition to job-performance bonuses, you may choose to pay referral, sign-on and retention bonuses.

Maintain Cleanliness

No one wants to work in a dirty, cluttered space, and you can show your employees that you care about their health and well-being by making sure that your business is a clean environment. Your employees will likely look more forward to coming to work each day if they know that they’ll be working in an environment that doesn’t have a lot of dirt, dust or trash lying around the place. You may need to hire a professional cleaning crew or replace the one that you currently have if they’re not living up to your and your staff’s expectations.


Even a few simple gestures of goodwill can make your employees feel like they belong in your company. You can also make your job of being a boss easier if you do things to keep your employees satisfied.

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