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A Leader’s Best Bet: Exercise

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Exercise is Linked to Leadership Effectiveness

When we’re time-pressed and stressed out, that’s exactly when we need to make time to exercise. This is the message we give to top executives at our Leadership at the Peak program as we teach them about being “Fit to Lead.”

Staying healthy during times of stress requires either reducing the strain or boosting one’s ability to weather its effects. Try to find ways to reduce the external pressures that cause stress and overload. Meanwhile, improve your ability to process stress by establishing healthy habits.

The University of Iowa reports that regular exercise not only reduces stress, but it also helps reduce anxiety, improve sleep, and boost immunity from colds and flu. Exercise also helps to lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

Exercise and Leadership Go Hand-in-Hand

Not only do people gain huge health benefits when they exercise, but, according to our research, executives who are physically fit are also considered to be more effective leaders than those who aren’t.

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