A life in the year of my Start Up business – Heads UP HR Ltd

By | Nick H | HR Director, Consultant & Executive Coach, Board Director | A pragmatic and experienced practitioner focused on developing organisations to deliver business performance

Well what a year that was? As I celebrate my 1st year anniversary of launching Heads UP HR Ltd, I figured pausing for a moment to reflect on 2020 would be a really interesting thing to do. And hey, doesn’t time fly when you’re absorbed in creating something you’ve not done before. It’s frightening how quickly this year has passed.

Having the chance to go it alone and break from the Corporate world was always on my bucket list of things to do:- autonomy, choice, flexibility, variety, self direction, adaptability, work/life balance, interesting people, are but a few of the benefits I foresaw in launching my consultancy. And they haven’t disappointed me.

Deciding to do this in 2020, with the benefit of hindsight, might appear to some as being completely bonkers!!  With Covid ravaging lives, public health, education, the economy, and so on, you could be forgiven for thinking I’d lost my marbles. The thing is though, when you have ambition and desire to finally go for something you want, it’s all too easy to find reasons not to do something. Covid could have been my excuse. 

In any case, I’d made my decision at the end of 2019 long before Covid/lockdown/Chris Whitty and Dominic Cummings had become household language. And you know what? With what I have learnt from 2020 and all it’s challenges and problems, you know, I’d still do it. Why, I hear you ask? Well here are the things I learnt in a tumultuous year of change:-

Your attitude really can determine your altitude

I know it’s a bit of well worn cliché but quite honestly, having a positive perspective and a never say die attitude means things will happen. And they did for me. Here are some reflections on my learning.

The power of networking

Business is done between people and in this game people buy people. For me, hard nosed cold calling, chasing the sales and money, badgering potential clients with endless, speculative adverts or email campaigns, just isn’t my thing. I’ve been on the receiving end of these as HR Director at Eurotunnel and know what it’s like.

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