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A look inside: Diversity, inclusion, belonging and growth at Uber.

Source | LinkedIn | Jesse Gutierrez, CDP, MLD, aPHR (He/Him/His) | Ex-Uber | Diversity & Inclusion | Lifelong Learner & Advocate

As this week comes to a close I can officially say my 1st week of work at Uber is complete. What are my thoughts? Before I get into that let’s go back to mid October when I attended the Out & Equal (O&E) Workplace Summit. This is where Uber caught my attention.

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The 2019 Workplace Summit consisted of workshops, panels, community advisory panels, networking, receptions and events, and so much more, all revolving around LGBTQ inclusion and allyship. If anyone is interested in learning more I highly recommend you work with your organization to attend as a sponsor or as a participant. There is so much to learn from the Executives, Employee Resource Group (ERG) leaders and professionals who participate in this event. More than that, talk about feeling like you belong; O&E cultivated a safe space where all who attended felt welcomed to be their true authentic selves. Check out a video recap of the 2019 summit here.

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Flash forward to post-summit. After viewing Uber’s presence at O&E I dove deeper into the company and was impressed when researching their Diversity & Inclusion journey. The transparency of the company’s D&I efforts was refreshing and the fact that Uber highlighted intersectional data was even more impressive. I have not seen any other organizations show their employee demographics with this intersectional approach and it confirmed to me the importance Uber placed on understanding, and in seeing, their employee population. That is all a lot of us truly want, right? To be seen and to be heard. To have a seat at the table. To belong. Granted, there is a lot more work needed to cultivate a diverse workforce across all levels of the organization but it is evident Uber is dedicating the time and resources to show their progress in this space and that 100% spoke to me. Progress is progress. Effort is effort. Leading with purpose is essential.

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